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Operation of a USBF™ plant is simple and self-regulating. Wastewater enters the anoxic compartment of the bioreactor where it mixes with activated sludge recycled from the bottom of the sludge filter. Agitated and moved in a controlled manner, the mixed liquor flows into the bioreactor’s aerobic compartment. From the aerobic compartment the mixture of microbial cells and water enters the sludge filter at the bottom and, as it rises, upward velocity decreases until the flocs of cells become stationary and thus form a filtering media. High degree of filtration efficiency is achieved as even particles with settling velocities too low to be removed by settling alone are filtered out. As the flocs become large and heavy by impact agglomeration, they descend to the bottom of the sludge filter and subsequently are recycled back into the anoxic zone. Filtered effluent overflows into a collection trough and is discharged from the system.
USBF™ Sludge Filter
Upflow sludge blanket filtration in a prism or a cone shaped filter introduces a substantially higher specific rate of separation than other commonly used separation techniques, and it facilitates operation in the region of increased mixed liquor concentrations (as it provides a “filtration/flocculation” mechanism to prevent the discharge of pin-point floc normally associated with high SRT systems).
Increased Mixed Liquor Concentration
Most traditional plants operate at low or medium sludge concentrations, typically 2,500 – 3,500 mg/l. USBF™ sludge filters by contrast operate at higher sludge concentrations, typically 4,000 – 6,000 mg/l resulting in longer sludge age and increased biological efficiency.
All Processes Integrated into One Reactor
By contrast, USBF™ technology incorporates processes of nitrification, denitrification, clarification and sludge stabilization inside a compact bioreactor, reducing equipment size and liquid handling requirements.
Patented and Proven
The USBF™ technology has been proven to consistently deliver high quality treated effluent in a variety of applications.
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